Member of the Parliament. Chair of the Early Education and Care Committee in Helsinki.

I believe that the measure of any society is how it treats its weakest members. I am a member of the Finnish parliament and a mother of two from Kallio. I believe that a Finland where no one, not even an immigrant mother without papers, is left on the street will be better for all of us.

Taking from the poor will not fix our economy. The family into which or the place where a person is born must not determine his or her future. I will do my utmost to stop social discrimination and child poverty and fight for a better, ever more equal Finland.

We have Earth merely on lease from future generations, from our children. Nature is the wellspring of all life and its beauty is something I hold very dear. Climate change, the extinction of entire species and the pollution of the Baltic Sea are all results of past political choices. We can’t built a sustainable economy by cutting down forests and burning swamps for energy.

We have achieved many of our goals during this term of office in Helsinki. In a difficult economic situation we have invested in the children and the people who need help from the city the most. We have been building a city that puts biking and public transport before motorways. We have protected urban forests and pursued a strong climate policy. We have invested in building daycare centers and renovation of mould-damaged schools.


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Emma Kari

Paremman maailman tekijä, vihreä kansanedustaja, varhaiskasvatuslautakunnan puheenjohtaja ja kahden lapsen äiti.


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